Monday, June 23, 2008

Gmail and aliases

Hooray for email. This is what just happened to me:
  1. Received email from uni account.
  2. Email was forwarded to my personal Gmail account.
  3. I reply to email.
  4. I discover that the reply address was the Gmail account, and not the uni account. Crap.

I was going to rant on about how retarded this was here, but I decided to do some digging instead. Surely somebody else online had this same problem. And surely enough, here it is:

"Reply from same address" enhancement requested

I already had "reply from same address" set, so I looked at the header of my received mail: lo and behold, an aliased domain.


If your mail goes to something like:

... and you get mail from an alias, like this:

... you're screwed. Until you figure out why the damn thing isn't working. Only took me half a year.

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