Saturday, January 12, 2008

Compiz Fusion, Translucency and YOU

So I do a lot of coding and text editing in the terminal. Fire up the terminal by presing Alt+N, type "vim", and I'm ready. I set my terminal background to be translucent, which is handy for seeing stuff through the other stuff you're doing.

The lack of translucency always bugged me about both GVim and Emacs. Neither of those applications seem to come with the option to enable translucency at all, which makes reading or referring to other material a very Alt+Tabby affair. So with the terminal I stuck.

Until now. I was screwing around with modifier keys and the mouse wheel last night, and found out something about Compiz Fusion and window translucency:

Hold down Alt and scroll the mouse wheel to change the translucency of the window the mouse cursor is over.

Handy, no?

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